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Vintage Color Correction Sunglasses



Special Coating On The Lens Filters Out Light In A Specific Band, Allowing Color Blinds To Improve Color Resolution Capability.

CCG-920 Vintage Color Correction Sunglasses


Red-green color deficient users love these stylish mirrored lenses in classic style frames. Perfect for people in competitive careers where seeing vibrant colors are crucial.




What People Say

I purchased these as a gift to my husband. He was a bit skeptical putting them on and maybe even in denial for the first few minutes. He stood there taking the glasses off and putting them on pointing to different objects asking what the actual color was and was amazed at how much of a difference they made! He wears them all the time, We went to a family event where his moms cousin was who has the same coloblindness and he tried them on and told his wife he wanted a pair too. We just found out a family friend has a son with the same coloblindness and reccomended these glasses!
Wow! At first I was a bit skeptical, but for the price I thought I had to give it a try and sure enough they worked. The best part so far is that I can differentiate the many shades of roses that grow in my garden. I am sure I will buy another pair to leave in my car when I am traveling through the beautiful country of New Zealand in which I now live. Thanks so much and your continued research is much appreciated for the rest of the color deficient people in the world.
James Will
These glasses are designed to help people with R-G color blindness see colors better and they seem to do just that. I bought them for a young friend and he was very pleased with how well they worked. In fact he's sharing them with his younger brother who is similarly afflicted and they may be ordering more pairs of them on their own. It also happens that the glasses are very nicely made and a good value for the money.
If you or a loved one suffers from red/green color blindness, you need to get these glasses!! I got these for my husband's birthday and for the first time he was able to distinguish different shades of color. He was even able to see things he'd never noticed before like flowers on a shrub. It had all blended together into a grey color before. It was very heartwarming to see him experience all of the colors of nature for the first time! I highly recommend these glasses!!
Isa Emma